Furniture Repository

MUDANZAS RUMBO, S.A., through its extensive national network of agencies and their partners members we provide to client stores denser Storage in Spain for long and short stays.


  • MUDANZAS RUMBO, S.A. a specialist , calculates the volume you will need as you need to store
  • The furniture and belongings must be properly packaged to be protected during the stay in the repository
  • Before taking the furniture , prepare a detailed inventory and numbered of what is to be stored , which the customer is left with a copy
  • Furniture and belongings are stowed in clean and disinfected for optimal preservation during storage
  • The container is sealed in his presence and not re-open until the client demands
  • The storage warehouses are clean , equipped with 24 hours security and where they are located containers that store the belongings of the client and that are controlled by computer


The cost will be based on the time of storage.

Fire Insurance, Theft and Flood

0,15% of the declared value if Monthly

0,6% of the declared value if Semester

1% of the declared value if annual

Insurance is contracted to major insurance companies

The stay and custody in storage is contracted for MONTHS OR YEARS SEMESTERS

Availability of storage for keeping your belongings to return back to his home